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Link Directories: How to Get Started

Date Added: April 05, 2010 03:14:38 PM
Author: M Gravlee
Link Directories are platforms for website owners seeking to exchange their site’s links for the purpose of generating traffic through search engine optimization. They are great resource centers for developing and managing contacts of related sites as well as posting and reciprocating links. Link Directories have over time generated a lot of interest as a way of organic traffic growth and are equally effective.

How Link Directories Work

The concept and need of linking website has grown out of two reasons; one, related sites trying to ease information accessibility and two, generating much valued website traffic. High traffic optimizes search engine’s ranks which has the multiplier effect of building more traffic and even higher ranking with search engines.  It is for these reasons that site owners are keen to link their websites with content related sites. Link Directories provide the much needed platform for this.

The Best Stop for Starters

Much as link building is held with such high regard, established web site owners are only keen on exchanging links with you if your site is well ranked on search engines and/or if you will guarantee a front page link on your website. This has always proved an uphill task for SEO starters or for new websites, as garnering a first page rank with search engines takes time and must grow organically.

For starters therefore, link directories provide the best information shop for meeting new owners who are willing to build their link bases from the scratch. There are also site owners who would not mind a second or third page link placement on your website, as long as the website is content related with theirs. It is such contacts that are highly valued, again due to the multiplier effect of traffic generation.

Other Valuable Link Building Options worth Exploring:

As mentioned, link building is a proven tool of building traffic to your site. It is therefore worth the time exploring other options of link building, other than link directories. These include;

- Forums participation. This involves being a member of forums related to your site’s content, posting comments, solutions and opinions and leaving a signature with your website’s link. The advantage with this tool is the content-related traffic you will get.

- Yahoo (and related) Answers Sites. Websites such as Yahoo Answers are highly rated on search engines and participation in such sites is a great way of creating visibility of your site. As forums participation, you need to leave a signature at the end of your comment/answer which will lead others to your website.

- Running ads on popular website. This may prove expensive for starters and new websites but it is a proven way of generating content-related traffic. Search Engines run a per click cost charge on your ad through Google analytics. One of the advantages is being able to track where your traffic comes from and therefore knowing where to focus your linking efforts on.

- Article directories. Writing and submitting search engine optimized content articles in article directories is a popular way of generating traffic. Options here include writing the articles yourself or hiring a content writer experienced in lead generation writing.

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